Our Picks

Over the course of our parenting journey, my wife and I have sifted through many self-care products, baby products, toys, puzzles, books, games, health products and so many assorted items. We don’t want our research efforts to go in vain. This will be our thought journal. Read this post to know more!

We are happy to share our experiences with some of these products through this blog and we hope it will be useful to you! This page will constantly be updated. All links are affiliate links that will help us run this blog at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products that we have used ourselves or those that our friends have recommended. We will include affiliate links in the main blog posts only if the product is relevant to the content.

Product Categories

  1. Baby Products
  2. Toys, Puzzles, and Books for Children
  3. Electronics and Hardware
  4. Parent Self-Care (Will be updated soon)
  5. Home (Will be updated soon)
  6. Automotive (Will be updated soon) 
  7. Books (Will be updated soon)
  8. Kitchen (Will be updated soon)

Baby Products

  1. Mamaearth Kids Toothpaste, Berry Blast Flavour – My kid absolutely loves this flavour (and slurps a great deal too!). Breath remains fresh for hours. Pro-tip: A small amount is more than enough.
  2. Fisher Price Booster Seat – This is the most convenient way to train your kid to start self-eating. The plate like attachment on top can hold a lot of food pieces and the low center of gravity protects it against toppling. Pro-tip: Wash the plate attachment after every use and you can continue using it for a long time
  3. Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes – This is the most affordable option that is out there. Smells pleasant too! Pro-tip: Close the bag immediately to retain freshness. Use tape at one end to secure the flap.
  4. Pampers pant type diapers – A saviour, and one that has gone through several rounds of selection. This, along with a local brand has helped us avoid many a messy scenario.

Toys, Puzzles, and Books for Children

  1. Lion Shaped Rattle from Toy House – The first toy you should buy. You can distract your newborn for thirty seconds at a time, which is a lot!
  2. Wooden Alphabet Tray with Knobs and Pictures – If you want your kid to burp the alphabet, this is it. I remember sitting with my son for hours while he assembled and disassembled this puzzle. Pro-tip: Use a separate container to store all 26 pieces. Put the pieces into the container directly from the board so that you don’t have to count to 26 every time.
  3. Picture Puzzles – Animals and Birds – This is where it all began. My son had so much fun doing it that when he lost one piece of an owl, he cried for days!

Electronics and Hardware

  1. Fire Stick – If you don’t already have one, get it today. It is very useful for parents because you can relax and summon Alexa in an instant to see the movie/video of your choice. YouTube works great too! 
  2. HDMI Extension Cable – If you are like me and often switch between digital TV and your Fire Stick, this is the extension for you. I do the switch multiple times a day and it works like a charm every time. Pro-tip: Route the wires to specific points on the wall/table so that you don’t have to untangle them from the mess every time. 
  3. Headphones – This is a steal from Amazon! Use this if your use pattern is light and not very frequent. 
  4. Headphones for daily use – I use this everyday for at least two hours and it lies in my bag under all sorts of weights without damage. Pro-tip: If you have the time, wrap it around a cylindrical cardboard piece. 
  5. Redmi 6 Pro – The most popular budget phone right now!
  6. Mi Fitness Band – Keep track of all your movement to the doctor’s and back, not to mention the constant running around at home. Monitor your sleep patterns too! Get the latest color enabled Mi Band 4 if you can stretch your budget a bit.
  7. JBL Bluetooth speaker – It is said that classical music helps in brain development. Even if it doesn’t, you can still pick up your spoons when you are doing the dishes and wave them around like a conductor’s baton at the orchestra! This one’s a great buy. 
  8. iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner – Okay, no device can magically pick up all the toys lying around but this one comes really close. 
  9. Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen) – The Saviour. A welcome break from insanity. A must-have. 
  10. Kindle Paperwhite Case – Because you can’t trust your kids to keep the device safe. 
  11. Logitech Wireless Mouse (you know why – the kids keep using it like a real live mouse)
  12. Redmi Note 10 Pro – a fine recomendation from a friend. (You know, for the screentime struggle)
  13. Pigeon Chopper – I know this is a kitchen item but that section is still under construction, remember? 
  14. Agaro CV 1077 Car Vacuum cleaner – Cars always get messy very quickly, despite your best efforts. This vacuum cleaner helps you navigate the tiniest of bends and crevices and keeps your car clean and free of the dreaded sand particle. 

Parent Self-Care

  1. Himalaya Fairness Cream – A quick pick-me-up for short trips and events.
  2. Face Wipes (Kara, Aloe Mint) – Great for oily skin
  3. Lavender Face Wash (Aroma Magic) – The aroma is universally perceived as pleasant!
  4. Mamaearth Natural Face Wash – For sensitive skin
  5. Vitamin E Moisturiser from Nivea – for dry skin
  6. Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier – highly recommended by many on social media!
  7. Coconut oil shampoo bar – For a little TLC!
  8. Nivea Lip Balm – When your lips too get dry, not just your baby’s!
  9. Green leaf Aloe Vera gel – TLC part 2 🙂
  10. Basic dumbbells – I know it can’t mimic your kid climbing on your shoulder, but it’s a start.


  1. Fridge Mats – I understand that your fridge is always full, without space for even a spare banana. But if you use fridge mats, you can at least clean the shelves easily. These offer just the right amount of friction so that the dishes don’t slip out.
  2. Spice Organizer Stand – You can use this as an organizer anywhere, but we use it for our spice boxes and bottles.
  3. Measuring Cups and Spoons – for all you bakers out there.
  4. Phillips Oven Toaster Grill (OTG) – Okay, now that you have the measuring cups and spoons, don’t you need a, uh, you know, an oven? This is the best OTG there is and I can vouch for the output. Use this link for the 25 liter OTG and this link for the 32 liter option.