A feeble attempt at Poetry

I discovered this while I was trying to get rid of some redundant data on my laptop. I found it surprising that I could write so well. (Sarcasm intended). Don’t try to look for a message or what they call a “point” in the ‘poem’. Just read it. 🙂

Across the starry sky

As the metal bird flies by,

A ray of darkness hides alone,

Like a wormy little black hole.

It casts its eye around,

Luring the unwary hound,

A loud clap of thunder,

And the hound is torn asunder.

A speck so tiny,

Yet its pull so mighty,

Don’t yeh use a torch,

It ain’t a soldier’s march!

A neighbor crawls slowly,

Basking in stolen glory,

When the sun comes out,

He’s a loser in this bout.

I’ll post the next part of the ‘poem’ soon. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A feeble attempt at Poetry

  1. I just read this poem! Wonder why I missed it for so many days. Honestly, its pretty decent. Poetry is supposed to be messed up. You should see some of mine. Utter rubbish only! Poetry is like punching a pillow. You just do it to let out whats festering inside.

    • Actually, I have 🙂
      I remember reading some poems of yours in our school magazine and I often found them so deeply rooted in philosophy. I used to wonder if my own pieces of ‘work’ were actually poems at all 🙂

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