Dr.Blogger: Or How He Learned to Stop Worrying and Write.

Greetings fellow life forms!

As is the case with any blogger who has a small but erudite following, I have also found it a bit challenging to come up with an inspired post. But perpetual boredom has got to nag you right? I convinced myself that what I write is good, and decided to proceed. I would also refer you to my earlier post on writing and the facets that make up the whole process. This is on similar lines, although I will describe exactly what I did to dispel my own doubts.


As the title may suggest, the emphasis is on casualness bordering on nonchalance but with a tinge of earnestness. It is important to not reflect on one’s work over and over again for the simple reason that any reflection or retrospection will only result in your believing that your work is codswallop. (This is a word I’ve wanted to use for a long time ever since I heard Hagrid say it).


It is enough if your writing makes sense to you. Well, that kind of ruins the whole idea of a blog, doesn’t it? Okay to you and to your target audience. 😉 On the subject of inspiration, I believe that following a few good blogs always helps. It is however important to stick to one’s own distinctive style. And by that, I mean a kind of language and sentence pattern with which one is comfortable. And as Sheldon says, one can get beaten up simply by referring to oneself as one!


Some folks are into the practice of jotting down personal stuff in a diary or a journal. It may be therapeutic, or completely driven by boredom. While some may feel comfortable posting their musings online, I maintain that those are for personal recollection at a later age.


And again, there is the question of selecting the right topic, which, believe me is not as easy as it sounds. Writing is, after all, a continuous process and our thoughts become more refined as the days go by and therefore, it is a bit of a challenge to concentrate on a particular topic and write on it within a specific timeframe.

To counter the effects of what one might call a writer’s block, it is better to write on multiple topics at the same time. I was in Trichy last week and as I was surveying the town’s landscape from the balcony of my hotel room, I suddenly had this inspiration to write something on travel. Alas, I didn’t have any physical tools at my disposal to record my thoughts. But my memory is not that bad. That post is also in the works and when I complete it, you can find it here. And that brings me to the conclusion part of a blog post. It is often said that a captivating introduction and a convincing conclusion can make any article, blog or essay look good. Sounds corny, doesn’t it?


I prefer to write no discernible conclusion, for, writing is a process that has no end, and of course, who doesn’t love a little mystery?


What started off as an exercise or an attempt to shake myself out of a sopor eventually turned into a kind of guide for me and possibly for others to start pecking away at the keyboard and in some cases, the pen, once again. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dr.Blogger: Or How He Learned to Stop Worrying and Write.

  1. Hey Hari!
    Nice that you’re starting to blog once again
    Maybe I, too, shall take inspiration from you and start off again 😉
    Keep them coming!!

    PS: Loved the Hagrid reference

    • Thanks Neeraja! On the subject of inspiration, I should say that I benefited greatly from reading your blog. 🙂

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